1000 most common Vietnamese words

The list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words is a the bottom of this page. Here we discuss some interesting characteristics of the Vietnamese language which were relevant to the production of this frequency list.

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The characteristics of this Vietnamese vocabulary frequency list

Many common Vietnamese words are composed of two parts

When creating a list of the most common words in a given language, the process is to take a large collection of texts in that language and count the occurrences of each word.

Doing this for the Vietnamese language is more difficult than for some of the other languages, because many Vietnamese words are composed of two parts and therefore contain a space between them.

To create this list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words, we could not simply split each sentence by the spaces it contained because that would also split those Vietnamese words which are composed of two parts.

Vietnamese is an analytical language

Linguists classify Vietnamese as an analytical language, which means that it represents the relationship between words using helper words rather than using inflections.

When creating a list of the most common words in a given language, the inflections of words must be dealt with in order to obtain the canonical form of the word (a process which linguists call lemmatization).

Because Vietnamese does not rely on inflections, the form of a word in a text is in many cases the same as its dictionary form. This characteristic of the Vietnamese language reduced the need for lemmatization during the construction of this list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words.

Several Vietnamese particles are among the most common words

In the Vietnamese language, rather than change the ending of verbs to create different tenses, particles are used instead.

This is in line with Vietnamese being a very analytical language, and not a language which relies on inflections.

As a result, such particles are very frequently used. They rank highly in this list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words. Examples of these are the word “đã” which is used to indicate past tense, and the word “sẽ” which serves to indicate the future tense.

Several Classifiers are among the most common Vietnamese words

Among the 1000 most common Vietnamese words, there are a number of words which are classifiers. These words serve to accompany nouns and provide a conceptual classification of nouns.

Classifiers are frequently used in Vietnamese and in other Southeast Asian languages, and in addition they are found in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Some of the most common Vietnamese classifiers are “cái”, “chiếc”, “con” and “người”.

Vietnamese is a language with many different pronouns

In the list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words there are many pronouns and some of them have identical English translations. The reason is that the choice of pronouns in the Vietnamese language serves to indicate the social relationship between the speaker and the person being addressed.

List of the most common Vietnamese vocabulary words

Here is a list of the most common Vietnamese vocabulary words. This list can be filtered by word type (nouns, verbs, etc.. ) by clicking on the buttons below.

  1. [conjunction] (and)
  2. của [preposition] (of)
  3. các [determiner] This is a very common word in Vietnamese because it serves as a plural marker.
  4. [verb] (to be)
  5. [verb] (to have)
  6. được [verb] (to get)
  7. trong [preposition] (in)
  8. cho [preposition] This Vietnamese word has several different usages. When used as a verb, it can mean “to give”.
  9. với [preposition] (with)
  10. một [numeral] (one)
  11. những [determiner] This word is a plural marker.
  12. không [adverb] (not)
  13. đã [particle] This is a very common word in the Vietnamese language because it is a particle which serves to make the past tense.
  14. để [preposition]
  15. người [noun] (people) In addition to being used as a noun, this common Vietnamese word is also used as a classifier in which case it is used to indicate people with the exception of infants.
  16. khi [preposition] (at)
  17. này [pronoun] (this)
  18. về [preposition] (about)
  19. đến [preposition] (to)
  20. bạn [noun] (a friend) This common Vietnamese word also appears in the following terms: “bạn trai” which means “boyfriend”, and “bạn gái” which means “girlfriend”. In addition to its use as a noun, this word is also used as a pronoun.
  21. sẽ [particle] This is a very frequently used word in the Vietnamese language because it is a particle which serves to make the future tense.
  22. [preposition] (in, at)
  23. năm [noun] (a year) “năm” is a common Vietnamese word which has two possible meanings: it can mean “year” and it can mean the number five. It also appears in the Vietnamese word “tháng năm” which means “Mai” (the fifth month).
  24. nhiều [adjective] (much)
  25. cũng [adverb] (also)
  26. trên [preposition] (on, above)
  27. vào [preposition] (into)
  28. đó [pronoun] (there)
  29. từ [preposition] (since, from)
  30. ra [verb] (to go out)
  31. phải [verb] (must)
  32. tại [preposition] (in, at)
  33. làm [verb] (to do)
  34. như [particle] (as)
  35. lại [adverb] (again)
  36. có thể [adverb] (maybe, possibly)
  37. theo [verb] (to follow)
  38. hơn [conjunction] (than)
  39. ngày [noun] (day) This Vietnamese word appears in several other terms such as “ngày mai” which means “tomorrow”, and “ngày tháng” which means “date”.
  40. thì [conjunction] (then)
  41. nhưng [conjunction] (but)
  42. việc [noun] (job)
  43. còn [adverb] (still)
  44. sau [preposition] (after)
  45. sự [noun]
  46. tôi [pronoun] (I, me) In this list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words, there are several pronouns which correspond to the English pronoun “I”. The reason is that Vietnamese pronouns indicate the relative social status between the speaker and the listener. The pronoun “tôi” is used to indicate that the speaker has a lower status than the listener and it is also the pronoun used in polite speech.
  47. rất [adverb] (very)
  48. [conjunction] (but)
  49. đi [verb] (to go)
  50. mình [pronoun] (I, me)
  51. mới [adjective] (new)
  52. chỉ [adverb] (only)
  53. nhất [adverb] (in first position, at the top)
  54. bị [verb] (to be negatively affected by)
  55. đang [adverb] This Vietnamese word is used to make a verb continuous.
  56. nước [noun] (water, country) This Vietnamese word is very frequently used because in addition to meaning “water” it can also mean “country”. It the latter case it is a short form of the word “đất nước” which means “country”.
  57. nên [conjunction] (so)
  58. đây [pronoun] This common Vietnamese word is a demonstrative pronoun.
  59. khác [adjective] (other)
  60. Việt Nam [proper noun] (Vietnam)
  61. lên [verb] (to ascend, to go up)
  62. nhà [noun] (a home)
  63. biết [verb] (to know)
  64. con [classifier]
  65. cao [adjective] (high, tall)
  66. cần [verb] (to need)
  67. sử dụng [verb] (to use)
  68. trước [preposition] (before)
  69. cùng [adjective] This common Vietnamese word has several possible meanings. When used as a conjunction it means “and”.
  70. nếu [conjunction] (if)
  71. hai [numeral] (two)
  72. ông [noun] The reason why this is such a common Vietnamese word is that in addition to meaning “grandfather” when used as a noun, it is also used more widely as a pronoun.
  73. tháng [noun] (month) This Vietnamese word is combined with numbers to create the names of the different months. For example: “tháng hai” means “February” (literally it means “month 2”), and “tháng ba” means “March” (literally it means “month 3”).
  74. qua [verb]
  75. vẫn [adverb] (still)
  76. hay [conjunction]
  77. [preposition]
  78. cả [pronoun]
  79. hoặc [conjunction] (or)
  80. tới [preposition]
  81. bằng [preposition]
  82. họ [pronoun] This Vietnamese pronoun is somewhat formal. It also has a synonym which is “chúng nó”, but the latter is more casual and could be disrespectful in some contexts.
  83. anh [noun] (older brother) This Vietnamese word is very common because it has several meanings. As a noun it refers to an “older brother”, and in addition it is used as a pronoun when referring to male person from the same generation but a few years older.
  84. do [preposition]
  85. cách [noun] (way)
  86. thấy [verb]
  87. tổ chức [verb] (to organize)
  88. thực hiện [verb] (to carry out, to perform)
  89. nói [verb] (to speak)
  90. em [noun]
  91. điều [noun]
  92. hàng [noun]
  93. phát triển [verb] (to develop)
  94. lần [noun] (time)
  95. chưa [adverb]
  96. bộ [noun]
  97. tốt [adjective] (good) This word has an antonym (a word with the opposite meaning) which is “xấu” (it means” bad”). The latter also appears in this frequency list of Vietnamese vocabulary words, but further down the list.
  98. lớn [adjective] (great, large)
  99. thời gian [noun] (time)
  100. nào [pronoun]
  101. dùng [verb] (to use)
  102. số [noun] (number)
  103. giúp [verb] (to help)
  104. giá [noun] (price)
  105. [pronoun] (what)
  106. công ty [noun] (a company)
  107. hoạt động [verb] (to work, to activate)
  108. bên [noun]
  109. chính [auxiliary]
  110. đồng [noun] (copper) While this word means “copper”, the real reason why it ranks so high in this list of the 1000 most common Vietnamese words is that this word is also the name of the Vietnamese currency.
  111. nhau [noun]
  112. [pronoun]
  113. [noun] (a female teacher)
  114. xây dựng [verb] (to build)
  115. rằng [conjunction] (that)
  116. tỉnh [noun] This common Vietnamese words has several meanings: when used as a noun, it means a administrative division such as a province, and when used as a verb it can mean “to be conscious”.
  117. mỗi [numeral] This Vietnamese word is used as a synonym of “một” which means “one”. It can also be used to mean “each” or “every”.
  118. đều [adverb]
  119. học [verb] (to learn)
  120. loại [noun] (type)
  121. thứ [noun] (rank) The likely explanation for why this word ranks so high in this list of common Vietnamese words is that it appears in the names of the days of the week: for example, “thứ hai” means “Monday”, “thứ ba” means “Tuesday”, etc ..
  122. thêm [verb] (to increase)
  123. tăng [verb] (to increase)
  124. đường [noun] (street) This Vietnamese word has several meanings. In addition to meaning “road” or “path”, it can also mean “sugar”.
  125. mang [verb] (to carry)
  126. tạo [verb] (to create)
  127. sản phẩm [noun] (product)
  128. đầu [noun] (a head)
  129. trường [noun] (a school)
  130. doanh nghiệp [noun] (enterprise)
  131. đưa [verb]
  132. mọi [determiner] (all)
  133. ta [pronoun]
  134. gần [adjective] (close, near)
  135. cái [classifier]
  136. nhận [verb] (to receive)
  137. từng [adverb] (once, ever)
  138. đạt [verb] (to attain)
  139. đối với [preposition] (to, towards)
  140. chúng tôi [pronoun] (we)
  141. rồi [conjunction] (already)
  142. muốn [verb] (to want)
  143. tiền [noun] (money)
  144. thông tin [noun] (information)
  145. điểm [noun] (a point)
  146. giảm [verb] (reduce)
  147. ăn [verb] (to eat)
  148. nay [pronoun]
  149. một số [determiner] (some)
  150. chương trình [noun] (a program)
  151. gia đình [noun] (family)
  152. thi [verb] (to take an exam)
  153. luôn [adverb] (always)
  154. khoảng [noun] (a space)
  155. xe [noun] (car) This Vietnamese word appears in the terms “xe tải” meaning “truck”, and “xe máy” which means “motorcycle”.
  156. chiếc [classifier] This Vietnamese word is a classifier which is similar to the term “cái” which also appears in this list of the most common Vietnamese vocabulary words.
  157. phòng [noun] (a room)
  158. nơi [noun] (a place)
  159. bán [verb] (to sell)
  160. thị trường [noun] (a market)
  161. ngay [auxiliary]
  162. mua [verb] (to buy)
  163. trẻ [adjective] (young)
  164. giữa [noun]
  165. tham gia [verb] (to participate in)
  166. ngoài [noun] (outside)
  167. cấp [noun]
  168. tuổi [noun] (age)
  169. bài [noun]
  170. đặc biệt [adjective] (special)
  171. đầu tư [verb] (to invest)
  172. tuy nhiên [conjunction] (however)
  173. quá [adverb] (too, excessively)
  174. vừa [adverb]
  175. gây [verb] (to cause)
  176. cuộc [noun] One of the reasons why this is such a frequently used Vietnamese word is that it appears in the formation of other words such as “cuộc sống” which means “way of life”, and “cuộc thi” which means “competition”
  177. thế giới [noun] (the world)
  178. triệu [numeral] (million)
  179. lúc [noun]
  180. hãy [adverb] (let's)
  181. phần [noun] (a part)
  182. kinh tế [noun] (economy)
  183. vấn đề [noun] (problem)
  184. Hà Nội [proper noun] (Hanoi)
  185. khiến [verb] (to cause)
  186. dịch vụ [noun] (a service)
  187. tính [noun]
  188. khách hàng [noun] (client)
  189. nhỏ [adjective] (small) This common Vietnamese adjective has a synonym which is “bé”, and that word also appears in this list of the top 1000 most common Vietnamese vocabulary words.
  190. thường [adverb] (often, frequently)
  191. ngành [noun] (a sector of the economy)
  192. hệ thống [noun] (a system)
  193. công tác [noun]
  194. mức [noun] (level)
  195. [noun] (a grandmother)
  196. sản xuất [verb] (to produce)
  197. bởi [preposition]
  198. quản lý [verb] (to manage)
  199. dưới [preposition] (below)
  200. Anh [proper noun]
  201. tìm [verb] (to find)
  202. quy định [verb]
  203. huyện [noun] (district)
  204. dự án [noun] (a project)
  205. mẹ [noun] (mother)
  206. thành phố [noun] (a city)
  207. tên [noun] (name)
  208. đẹp [adjective] (pretty, beautiful)
  209. chúng ta [pronoun] (we)
  210. xem [verb] (to see)
  211. tiếng [noun] (language, voice) This Vietnamese word appears in several frequently used terms such as “tiếng Việt” (the Vietnamese language), “tiếng Anh” (the English language), “tiếng Mỹ” (American English), “tiếng Nhật” (the Japanese language).
  212. ấy [pronoun]
  213. hiệu quả [noun]
  214. chị [noun] (older sister)
  215. tất cả [pronoun] (all)
  216. sống [verb] (to live)
  217. chọn [verb] (to choose)
  218. Mỹ [proper noun] (America)
  219. đúng [adjective] (correct)
  220. [adjective] (little)
  221. hỗ trợ [verb] (to support)
  222. tin [noun] (news)
  223. chất lượng [noun] (quality)
  224. thành [verb]
  225. tiếp tục [verb] (to continue)
  226. lấy [verb] (to take)
  227. ai [pronoun] (who)
  228. đất [noun] (soil)
  229. màu [noun] (color)
  230. đầu tiên [adjective] (first)
  231. so [verb]
  232. kết quả [noun] (result)
  233. quan trọng [adjective] (important)
  234. khả năng [noun]
  235. nhìn [verb] (to look at)
  236. làm việc [verb] (to work)
  237. xã hội [noun] (society)
  238. ban [noun]
  239. đặt [verb] (to put)
  240. nguồn [noun] (source)
  241. thiết kế [verb] (to design)
  242. [noun] (a commune)
  243. da [noun] (skin)
  244. phía [noun] (side)
  245. tay [noun] (a hand)
  246. hiện nay [adverb] (now, currently)
  247. gặp [verb] (to meet)
  248. nữa [adverb]
  249. kinh doanh [verb] (to do business)
  250. không thể [adverb] (impossibly)
  251. giờ [noun] (hour) This Vietnamese word also appears in the term “bây giờ” which means “now”.
  252. máy [noun] (machine)
  253. vốn [noun] (funds, capital)
  254. nghiên cứu [verb] (to research)
  255. viết [verb] (to write)
  256. câu [noun] (sentence)
  257. quyết định [verb] (to decide, to determine)
  258. Ông [classifier]
  259. khá [adverb] (rather)
  260. sinh viên [noun] (a student)
  261. khu vực [noun] (area)
  262. thuộc [verb] (to belong to)
  263. ba [numeral] (three)
  264. tỷ [numeral] (a billion)
  265. gọi [verb] (to call)
  266. nhóm [noun] (group)
  267. đủ [adjective] (enough)
  268. đại học [noun] (university)
  269. sao [pronoun]
  270. vùng [noun] (region)
  271. trung tâm [noun] (center)
  272. đào tạo [verb] (to train)
  273. ảnh [noun] (image)
  274. khu [noun] (area)
  275. hỏi [verb] (to ask)
  276. sáng [noun] (the morning)
  277. mất [verb] (to pass away)
  278. mùa [noun] (season)
  279. lớp [noun]
  280. khó khăn [adjective] (difficult)
  281. thật [adverb] (really, actually)
  282. quốc gia [noun] (nation)
  283. cơ sở [noun] (basis)
  284. buổi [noun] (session)
  285. cung cấp [verb] (to provide)
  286. thuốc [noun] (medicine)
  287. biển [noun] (sea)
  288. mặt [noun] (face)
  289. lao động [noun] (labor)
  290. công nghệ [noun] (technology)
  291. đơn vị [noun] (unit)
  292. học sinh [noun] (pupil)
  293. cây [noun] (a tree)
  294. yêu cầu [verb] (to request, to demand)
  295. tự [pronoun]
  296. bước [noun] (step)
  297. riêng [adjective] (private)
  298. văn hoá [noun] (culture)
  299. trở thành [verb] (to become)
  300. trường hợp [noun] (a case)
  301. sang [verb]
  302. thay đổi [verb] (to change)
  303. lời [noun] (word)
  304. cơ quan [noun]
  305. môi trường [noun] (the environment)
  306. giải [noun] (prize)
  307. quá trình [noun] (a process)
  308. gái [noun] This Vietnamese word can mean “girl”. It also appears in the word “bạn gái” which means “girlfriend”.
  309. Người [noun] (a person)
  310. xin [verb] (to ask for)
  311. vụ [noun]
  312. nội dung [noun] (content)
  313. giữ [verb] (to keep, to hold)
  314. nâng [verb] (to elevate, to raise)
  315. nhanh [adjective] (fast)
  316. yêu [verb] (to love)
  317. đánh giá [verb] (to evaluate)
  318. ít [adjective] (few)
  319. khách [noun] (a guest)
  320. cán bộ [noun] (government employee)
  321. độ [noun] (degree)
  322. hiện [adverb] (presently)
  323. nằm [verb] (to lie)
  324. khó [adjective] (difficult) This Vietnamese adjective has an antonym (a word with the opposite meaning) which is “dễ” (that word means “easy”). The latter ranks slightly in this list of the common Vietnamese vocabulary words.
  325. dành [verb]
  326. nghe [verb] (to listen)
  327. thành công [verb] (to succeed)
  328. công việc [noun] (work)
  329. vàng [noun] (gold)
  330. Trung Quốc [proper noun] (China)
  331. chơi [verb] (to play)
  332. hết [verb] (to end)
  333. thế [pronoun]
  334. món [noun] (dish)
  335. bắt đầu [verb] (to begin)
  336. điều kiện [noun] (condition)
  337. chúng [pronoun] (they, them) This Vietnamese word is a plural marker for pronouns. It appears in front of a pronoun to indicate that the pronoun refers to several people. For example, “tôi” means “I” and “chúng tôi” means “we”.
  338. giáo dục [noun] (education)
  339. kiểm tra [verb] This Vietnamese verb can also be used as a noun, in which case it means “a quiz” or “a test”.
  340. [adjective] (clear)
  341. nhằm [verb] (to aim)
  342. phù hợp [verb]
  343. nhà nước [noun] (a government)
  344. xuống [verb] This Vietnamese word has an antonym which is “lên” and which means “to go up”.
  345. cạnh [noun] (an edge)
  346. giá trị [noun] (value)
  347. diễn [verb] (to act)
  348. du lịch [noun] (travel, tourism)
  349. quốc tế [adjective] (international)
  350. gửi [verb] (to send)
  351. chủ tịch [noun]
  352. cuối [noun] This Vietnamese term also appears in the word “cuối tuần” where it is combined with the term “tuần” which means “week”.
  353. hội [noun] (a festival)
  354. kế hoạch [noun] (a plan)
  355. dài [adjective] (long)
  356. điện [noun] (electricity)
  357. [conjunction]
  358. vậy [pronoun]
  359. như vậy [adjective] (such)
  360. chống [verb] (to oppose)
  361. kể [verb] (to tell)
  362. bảo vệ [verb] (to defend, to guard)
  363. nhu cầu [noun] (demand)
  364. đảm bảo [verb] (to guarantee)
  365. cuộc sống [noun] (life)
  366. liên quan [verb] (to be related)
  367. mạng [noun] (network)
  368. an toàn [adjective] (safe)
  369. hướng [noun] (direction)
  370. chuyện [noun] (a story)
  371. sinh [verb]
  372. địa phương [noun] (a region)
  373. hiểu [verb] (to understand)
  374. chủ [noun] (an owner)
  375. quan tâm [verb] (to care about)
  376. bỏ [verb]
  377. chung [adjective] (common, shared)
  378. tuần [noun] (a week)
  379. ngân hàng [noun] (a bank)
  380. giống [adjective] (similar, alike)
  381. càng [adverb]
  382. lựa chọn [verb] (to choose)
  383. triển khai [verb]
  384. lãnh đạo [noun] (leader)
  385. dễ [adjective] (easy)
  386. mạnh [adjective] (strong)
  387. hình ảnh [noun] (picture)
  388. mở [verb] (to open)
  389. trận [noun] (a battle)
  390. chia sẻ [verb] (to share)
  391. chất [noun] (matter)
  392. thành viên [noun] (member)
  393. một cách [noun] This Vietnamese word is the combination of the term “một” meaning “one” and “cách” meaning “way”.
  394. lòng [noun] (the heart)
  395. Việt [proper noun]
  396. cá nhân [noun] (individual)
  397. chiều [noun] (late afternoon)
  398. xử lý [verb] (to handle, to deal with)
  399. nhiệm vụ [noun] (task, mission)
  400. thu [verb] (to retrieve, to collect)
  401. ngoài ra [adverb] (besides, moreover)
  402. chính sách [noun] (a policy)
  403. ảnh hưởng [verb] (to influence, to affect)
  404. hoa [noun] (a flower)
  405. chính phủ [noun] (government)
  406. thiết bị [noun] (equipment, device)
  407. khoa học [noun] (science)
  408. vòng [noun] (ring)
  409. thích [verb] (to like)
  410. nhân dân [noun] (people)
  411. lĩnh vực [noun] (field)
  412. đôi [numeral]
  413. lượng [noun] (quantity)
  414. đăng ký [verb] (to register)
  415. nhờ [verb] This Vietnamese can mean “to ask someone to do something” or “to ask someone for a favor”.
  416. đồng thời [adverb] (at the same time)
  417. chân [noun] (a foot)
  418. phụ nữ [noun] (woman)
  419. chuyển [verb] (transfer)
  420. đứng [verb] (to stand)
  421. khỏi [verb]
  422. thực tế [noun] (reality)
  423. chạy [verb] (to run)
  424. ứng dụng [verb] (to apply)
  425. thấp [adjective] (short, low)
  426. hoàn toàn [adjective] (complete)
  427. mắt [noun] (an eye)
  428. nền [noun] (background)
  429. nghĩ [verb] (to think)
  430. toàn [adverb]
  431. miền [noun] (domain)
  432. vị trí [noun] (location)
  433. đâu [pronoun]
  434. cơ hội [noun] (opportunity)
  435. sớm [adjective] This common Vietnamese word has a antonym which is “muộn” and which means “late”.
  436. dòng [noun] (current)
  437. xuất hiện [verb] (to appear)
  438. phim [noun] (film)
  439. xảy [verb] (to happen)
  440. trách nhiệm [noun] (responsibility)
  441. sở [noun] (a department)
  442. Trường [noun]
  443. trực tiếp [adjective] (direct)
  444. đêm [noun] (night)
  445. đội [noun] (team)
  446. Phó [proper noun]
  447. hãng [noun]
  448. đơn giản [adjective] This Vietnamese word has a synonym which is “giản dị”.
  449. [noun] (ticket)
  450. thiếu [adjective]
  451. cứ [adverb]
  452. uống [verb] (to drink)
  453. tình trạng [noun]
  454. vì vậy [conjunction]
  455. nhớ [verb] (to remember)
  456. xanh [adjective] (green)
  457. báo [noun] (newspaper)
  458. thuế [noun] (tax)
  459. kỳ [noun]
  460. kinh nghiệm [noun] (experience)
  461. sức khoẻ [noun] (health)
  462. chồng [noun] (husband)
  463. giải quyết [verb]
  464. tài chính [noun] (finance)
  465. đáng [verb]
  466. cụ thể [adjective]
  467. tập trung [verb] (to concentrate)
  468. tránh [verb] (to avoid)
  469. Đảng [proper noun]
  470. hình [noun]
  471. dân [noun] (people)
  472. mẫu [noun] (a sample)
  473. bản [noun]
  474. vài [determiner]
  475. giới thiệu [verb] (to introduce)
  476. trang [noun] (page)
  477. nữ [noun]
  478. hướng dẫn [verb] (to guide)
  479. nghề [noun] (profession)
  480. chết [verb]
  481. thầy [noun] (a teacher)
  482. phục vụ [verb]
  483. quận [noun] (district)
  484. thể hiện [verb] (to show)
  485. trưởng [noun] (chief, leader)
  486. quan hệ [noun] (relationship)
  487. nhân viên [noun] (staff)
  488. báo cáo [verb] (to report)
  489. điện thoại [noun]
  490. thông qua [verb]
  491. đọc [verb] (to read)
  492. lễ [noun]
  493. quyền [noun]
  494. chức năng [noun] (function)
  495. xa [adjective] (far, distant)
  496. chịu [verb]
  497. mục tiêu [noun] (target)
  498. rộng [adjective] (wide)
  499. vị [classifier]
  500. áp dụng [verb] (to apply)
  501. cơ thể [noun]
  502. vợ [noun] (wife)
  503. khoá [noun]
  504. thường xuyên [adjective] (frequent)
  505. máy bay [noun] (airplane)
  506. đầy [adjective] (full)
  507. thời điểm [noun]
  508. gồm [verb] (to consist of)
  509. phút [noun] (a minute)
  510. luật [noun] (the law)
  511. quý khách [noun]
  512. nước ngoài [noun] When used as an adjective, this Vietnamese word simply means “foreign”. This term also appears in the word “người nước ngoài” which means “a foreigner”. The first part, “người”, means “person” and it appears near the top of this list of 1000 common Vietnamese words.
  513. hồ sơ [noun] (a file)
  514. đánh [verb] (to hit)
  515. công trình [noun] (construction)
  516. chi phí [noun] (a cost)
  517. dẫn [verb] (to guide)
  518. thông báo [verb] (to announce)
  519. tóc [noun] (hair)
  520. xác định [verb] (to determine)
  521. sách [noun] (book)
  522. chẳng [adverb]
  523. tặng [verb] (to give, to donate)
  524. học tập [verb] (to study)
  525. trả [verb] (to pay)
  526. kỹ thuật [noun]
  527. phát hiện [verb]
  528. chính thức [adjective] (official)
  529. giai đoạn [noun] (stage)
  530. đối tượng [noun] (a subject)
  531. đại diện [noun]
  532. diện tích [noun] (area)
  533. vượt [verb]
  534. giao thông [noun] (traffic)
  535. sông [noun] (river)
  536. hộ [noun] (a household)
  537. thực sự [adjective]
  538. điều trị [verb]
  539. hoàn thành [verb] (to complete)
  540. dạy [verb] (to teach)
  541. giao [verb] (to deliver)
  542. chuẩn bị [verb] (to prepare)
  543. đông [adjective] (crowded)
  544. thương hiệu [noun] (trademark)
  545. pháp luật [noun] (law)
  546. cháu [noun]
  547. lâu [adjective]
  548. giải pháp [noun] (solution)
  549. rẻ [adjective] (cheap)
  550. hội nghị [noun] (conference)
  551. kiểu [noun]
  552. chuyến [noun] (a trip)
  553. phương pháp [noun] (method)
  554. dễ dàng [adjective] (easy)
  555. trai [noun]
  556. vui [adjective] The opposite of this adjective is “buồn” (meaning “sad”). The latter appears lower in this Vietnamese vocabulary frequency list, which means that it is a bit less common. Here the positive term is more frequent than the negative term. This is an example of a phenomenon which linguists have called the “language happiness bias”.
  557. đem [verb] (to bring)
  558. ý kiến [noun] (opinion)
  559. chỗ [noun]
  560. bóng [noun] (shadow)
  561. niềm [classifier]
  562. ngày càng [unknown]
  563. nổi tiếng [adjective] (famous)
  564. mấy [determiner] (some)
  565. thôi [auxiliary]
  566. ngủ [verb] (to sleep)
  567. thuê [verb] (to rent)
  568. địa bàn [noun]
  569. chăm sóc [verb] (to take care of)
  570. kết hợp [verb] (to combine)
  571. cần thiết [adjective] (necessary)
  572. máu [noun] (blood)
  573. thậm chí [adverb] (even)
  574. trắng [adjective] (white)
  575. đồ [noun]
  576. mối [noun]
  577. đáp ứng [verb] (to respond)
  578. in [verb] (to print)
  579. [noun] (a fish)
  580. cuối cùng [adjective] (final)
  581. Nhật Bản [proper noun] (Japan)
  582. bảng [noun]
  583. số lượng [noun] (amount)
  584. lịch sử [noun] (history)
  585. phối hợp [verb]
  586. cộng đồng [noun] (a community)
  587. công nghiệp [noun] (industry)
  588. tìm kiếm [verb] (to search)
  589. thực phẩm [noun] (food)
  590. ngôi [classifier]
  591. trở [verb]
  592. tư vấn [verb] (to advise)
  593. hợp tác [verb] (to cooperate)
  594. tấm [classifier]
  595. suốt [adjective]
  596. phần mềm [noun] (software)
  597. thành lập [verb] (to establish)
  598. giấy [noun] (paper)
  599. nặng [adjective] (heavy)
  600. đồng chí [noun]
  601. quay [verb] (to turn)
  602. trở nên [verb] (to become)
  603. quả [noun] (fruit)
  604. hiện tại [noun]
  605. giám đốc [noun] (manager)
  606. tăng cường [verb]
  607. hình thức [noun] (form)
  608. hát [verb] (to sing)
  609. bay [verb] (to fly)
  610. tiến hành [verb] (to conduct)
  611. nhé [auxiliary]
  612. chứ [conjunction]
  613. tích cực [adjective] (positive)
  614. thu hút [verb] (to attract)
  615. y tế [noun]
  616. đầy đủ [adjective] (full)
  617. viện [noun] (institute)
  618. chỉ đạo [verb]
  619. đá [noun] (rock)
  620. chế độ [noun] (regime)
  621. Pháp [proper noun] (France)
  622. máy tính [noun] (a computer)
  623. đừng [adverb]
  624. đấu [verb] (fight)
  625. bệnh viện [noun] (a hospital)
  626. bàn [noun] (table)
  627. làng [noun] (a village)
  628. chuyên gia [noun] (an expert)
  629. khẳng định [verb] (to confirm)
  630. sức [noun] (strength)
  631. trả lời [verb] (to answer)
  632. Nam [proper noun]
  633. ngồi [verb] (to sit)
  634. nhanh chóng [adjective] (fast, quick)
  635. coi [verb] (watch)
  636. tàu [noun] (a ship)
  637. Nga [proper noun] (Russia)
  638. bức [classifier]
  639. công [noun] (labour)
  640. bao gồm [verb] (to consists of)
  641. thương mại [noun] (commerce)
  642. chiếm [verb]
  643. đời [noun] (life)
  644. xuất khẩu [verb] (to export)
  645. [adjective] (old)
  646. truyền thống [noun]
  647. khai thác [verb] (to exploit)
  648. sự kiện [noun] (an event)
  649. đau [verb] (to be hurt)
  650. vay [verb] (to borrow)
  651. vai trò [noun] (a role)
  652. nguyên nhân [noun] (reason)
  653. cho phép [verb] (to allow)
  654. đất nước [noun] (country)
  655. núi [noun] (a mountain)
  656. tiết kiệm [verb] (to economize)
  657. Đoàn [proper noun]
  658. đoàn [noun] (group)
  659. loài [noun] (species)
  660. tài sản [noun] (asset, property)
  661. Hồ Chí Minh [proper noun]
  662. môn [noun] (subject)
  663. bác sĩ [noun] (doctor)
  664. quý [noun]
  665. chữ [noun] (letter)
  666. tổng [noun]
  667. yếu tố [noun] (element)
  668. thanh niên [noun]
  669. đảo [noun] (island)
  670. mặc dù [conjunction] (although)
  671. bao giờ [pronoun] (when, at what time)
  672. dựa [verb]
  673. giao dịch [verb] (to trade)
  674. nuôi [verb]
  675. màn hình [noun] (screen)
  676. hấp dẫn [verb]
  677. chi tiết [noun] (a detail)
  678. dân tộc [noun]
  679. tối [noun]
  680. hạnh phúc [noun] (happiness)
  681. khối [noun]
  682. rừng [noun] (forest)
  683. chụp [verb]
  684. đóng [verb] (to close)
  685. tinh thần [noun]
  686. tốc độ [noun] (speed)
  687. [noun] (a leaf)
  688. thủ tục [noun] (procedure)
  689. không gian [noun] (space)
  690. sở hữu [verb] (to own)
  691. thịt [noun] (meat)
  692. giáo viên [noun] (teacher)
  693. công bố [verb] (to announce)
  694. phường [noun] (a ward)
  695. cười [verb] (to laugh)
  696. cầu [noun] (a bridge)
  697. hiện đại [adjective] (modern)
  698. tự nhiên [adjective] (natural)
  699. cảm thấy [verb] (to feel)
  700. mô hình [noun]
  701. cửa [noun] (a door)
  702. khách sạn [noun] (hotel)
  703. thí sinh [noun] (a candidate)
  704. trồng [verb] (to plant)
  705. hôm nay [noun]
  706. giới [noun]
  707. bổ sung [verb] (to supplement)
  708. nghèo [adjective] (poor)
  709. tình hình [noun] (situation)
  710. dự [verb] (to attend)
  711. lập [verb] (to establish)
  712. khoản [noun]
  713. chủ yếu [adjective] (essential)
  714. toàn bộ [determiner]
  715. lắm [adverb] (very)
  716. quà [noun] (gift)
  717. góp phần [verb] (to contribute to)
  718. ghi [verb] (to note, to write down)
  719. tuyến [noun]
  720. đứa [classifier] (child)
  721. hạn chế [verb] (to limit)
  722. thời [noun] (time)
  723. mở rộng [verb] (to extend)
  724. nghệ thuật [noun] (art)
  725. năng lượng [noun] (energy)
  726. nam [noun]
  727. ổn định [adjective] (stable)
  728. nàng [noun]
  729. Đà Nẵng [proper noun]
  730. chứa [verb] (to contain)
  731. tiếp [verb]
  732. thử [verb] (to test)
  733. lực lượng [noun] (force)
  734. văn bản [noun] (document)
  735. bản thân [noun]
  736. đề nghị [verb] (to suggest)
  737. văn phòng [noun] (an office)
  738. liên tục [adjective] (continuous)
  739. quảng cáo [verb]
  740. hợp đồng [noun] (a contract)
  741. việc làm [noun]
  742. cậu [noun]
  743. chiến lược [noun] (strategy)
  744. tỷ lệ [noun] (a ratio, a rate)
  745. phổ biến [verb] (to popularise, to diffuse)
  746. thay [verb] (to replace)
  747. dầu [noun] (oil)
  748. tác dụng [noun]
  749. nét [noun]
  750. mời [verb] (to invite)
  751. thăm [verb] (to visit)
  752. kiến thức [noun] (knowledge)
  753. sâu [adjective] (deep)
  754. cơ bản [adjective] (basic)
  755. dạng [noun] (a form)
  756. đơn [noun]
  757. Đức [proper noun]
  758. tập [verb] (to practice)
  759. hàng hoá [noun] (goods)
  760. sáng tạo [verb] (to create)
  761. cảm giác [noun] (a feeling)
  762. cổ [noun] (neck)
  763. cục [classifier]
  764. vô cùng [adverb]
  765. nhân [verb]
  766. tập đoàn [noun]
  767. thẻ [noun]
  768. căn hộ [noun] (apartment)
  769. chắc chắn [adjective] (sure)
  770. tính năng [noun] (feature)
  771. chú ý [verb]
  772. đại biểu [noun] (a delegate, a representative)
  773. họp [verb]
  774. bắt [verb]
  775. xong [verb]
  776. trở lại [verb] (to come back)
  777. bây giờ [pronoun] (now, at this time)
  778. du khách [noun] (a traveler, a tourist)
  779. bệnh nhân [noun] (patient)
  780. tấn [noun]
  781. vì thế [conjunction]
  782. đại hội [noun] (congress)
  783. thủ tướng [noun] (prime minister)
  784. vi phạm [verb] (to violate)
  785. ý nghĩa [noun] (a meaning)
  786. biện pháp [noun] (measure)
  787. nông nghiệp [noun] (agriculture)
  788. sữa [noun] (milk)
  789. cân [noun]
  790. địa chỉ [noun] (address)
  791. nguy cơ [noun] (a risk)
  792. trung ương [noun]
  793. câu chuyện [noun] (a story)
  794. đỏ [adjective] (red)
  795. hôm [noun] (day)
  796. hơn nữa [adverb]
  797. công an [noun] (police)
  798. bình thường [adjective] (normal)
  799. trời [noun]
  800. trẻ em [noun] (children)
  801. cắt [verb] (to cut)
  802. nộp [verb] (to submit, to hand in)
  803. nóng [adjective] (hot)
  804. nhà trường [noun] (school)
  805. điều chỉnh [verb] (to adjust)
  806. ngắn [adjective] (short)
  807. cố gắng [verb] (to try)
  808. hầu hết [adverb]
  809. sạch [adjective] (clean)
  810. hành động [noun]
  811. kèm [verb]
  812. chàng [noun]
  813. tham dự [verb]
  814. tầm [noun] (range)
  815. dần [adverb] (gradually)
  816. áo [noun]
  817. mong muốn [verb] (to desire)
  818. nhẹ [adjective] (light)
  819. kiểm soát [verb] (to control)
  820. ngon [adjective] (delicious)
  821. cao cấp [adjective] (high-class)
  822. nhà máy [noun] (factory)
  823. thể thao [noun] (a sport)
  824. cuốn [classifier]
  825. kết thúc [verb]
  826. căn [classifier]
  827. chia [verb] (to divide)
  828. cánh [noun] (wing)
  829. trao [verb]
  830. thu nhập [noun] (income)
  831. chính trị [noun] (politics)
  832. lý do [noun]
  833. liên hệ [verb] (to contact)
  834. danh sách [noun] (list)
  835. nhạc [noun] (music)
  836. tương lai [noun] (the future)
  837. viêm [noun] (inflammation)
  838. do đó [conjunction]
  839. bữa [noun] (meal)
  840. phát [verb]
  841. lạnh [adjective] (cold)
  842. tiêu chuẩn [noun] (standard)
  843. truyền thông [noun]
  844. rõ ràng [adjective] (clear)
  845. kỹ năng [noun]
  846. tầng [noun] (a floor)
  847. trước đây [noun]
  848. điều tra [verb] (to investigate)
  849. phong cách [noun] (style)
  850. đóng góp [verb] (to contribute)
  851. đề [verb]
  852. ví dụ [conjunction] (for example)
  853. an ninh [noun] (security)
  854. lượt [noun]
  855. có lẽ [unknown]
  856. tranh [noun] (painting)
  857. trái [adjective] (left)
  858. nợ [noun] (debt)
  859. chính quyền [noun]
  860. phiên bản [noun] (version)
  861. đấy [pronoun] (there)
  862. nhập khẩu [verb] (to import)
  863. vẻ [noun]
  864. tài liệu [noun] (document)
  865. tăng trưởng [verb]
  866. điện tử [noun]
  867. gắn [verb]
  868. cải thiện [verb] (to improve)
  869. hơi [adverb] (slightly)
  870. dự kiến [verb] (to expect, to foresee)
  871. trang bị [verb] (to equip)
  872. đoạn [classifier]
  873. màu sắc [noun] (color)
  874. song [conjunction]
  875. bất ngờ [adjective] (unexpected)
  876. to [adjective] (big)
  877. lỗi [noun] (error)
  878. đen [adjective] (the color black)
  879. kéo dài [verb] (to lengthen, to prolong)
  880. kẻ [noun]
  881. quốc hội [noun] (congress)
  882. chắc [adjective] (sure)
  883. tình yêu [noun] (love)
  884. mạnh mẽ [adjective] (strong)
  885. ấn tượng [noun] (impression)
  886. kết nối [verb] (to connect)
  887. liền [adverb]
  888. mục đích [noun] (a purpose)
  889. tốt nghiệp [verb] (to graduate)
  890. sắp [adverb] The Vietnamese word “sắp” is a tense marker for verbs. It indicates that the subject is about to do the action referred to by the verb.
  891. lợi ích [noun] (benefit)
  892. tình cảm [noun] (affection)
  893. cạnh tranh [verb] (to compete)
  894. đội ngũ [noun] (team)
  895. biến [verb]
  896. dịp [noun] (occasion)
  897. mong [verb] (to expect)
  898. mưa [noun] (rain)
  899. nổi [adverb]
  900. đón [verb] (to pick up)
  901. xấu [adjective]
  902. thời trang [noun] (fashion)
  903. bạn bè [noun]
  904. chuyên nghiệp [adjective] (professional)
  905. dừng [verb] (to stop)
  906. phương tiện [noun]
  907. tác phẩm [noun] (work)
  908. duy trì [verb] (to maintain)
  909. miễn phí [verb]
  910. tài khoản [noun] (account)
  911. tác động [verb] (to impact, to affect)
  912. sân [noun] (a yard)
  913. tình [noun] (love)
  914. dữ liệu [noun] (data)
  915. chợ [noun] (a market)
  916. năng lực [noun] (capacity)
  917. răng [noun] (tooth)
  918. phân [noun]
  919. giành [verb]
  920. khô [adjective] (dried)
  921. phố [noun]
  922. đời sống [noun] (life)
  923. chờ [verb] (to wait)
  924. đàn ông [noun] (a man)
  925. nông thôn [noun] (countryside)
  926. tuy [conjunction] (although)
  927. thanh toán [verb] (to pay)
  928. cảnh [noun] (scene)
  929. phong trào [noun] (movement)
  930. nêu [verb]
  931. công cụ [noun]
  932. hàng đầu [noun]
  933. Tết [noun]
  934. bao [noun] (bag)
  935. tự do [adjective] (free, unconstrained)
  936. tuỳ [verb]
  937. chuyên [adjective]
  938. trao đổi [verb] (to exchange)
  939. ra mắt [verb]
  940. gấp [verb]
  941. đợt [noun]
  942. chậm [adjective] (slow) The opposite of this Vietnamese adjective is “nhanh” (which means “fast”). The latter ranks above the former in terms of usage frequency, because it appears above in this sorted vocabulary list.
  943. chính xác [adjective]
  944. mắc [verb]
  945. phiên [noun] (session)
  946. theo dõi [verb]
  947. nắm [verb] (to hold)
  948. tiêu dùng [verb] (to consume)
  949. nông dân [noun] (a farmer)
  950. gỗ [noun] (wood)
  951. duy nhất [adjective]
  952. Abộ trưởng [noun]
  953. như thế [unknown]
  954. kiếm [verb]
  955. đèn [noun] (a lamp)
  956. ngân sách [noun] (budget)
  957. nhân vật [noun] (a figure)
  958. rau [noun] (a leaf vegetable)
  959. quán [noun]
  960. thú vị [adjective]
  961. giỏi [adjective] (good)
  962. kém [adjective]
  963. đô thị [noun] (a city)
  964. vận động [verb]
  965. hội đồng [noun] (council)
  966. thông minh [adjective] (smart)
  967. hoàn thiện [verb] (to complete)
  968. chuẩn [noun] (standard)
  969. nghỉ [verb] This Vietnamese word means “to take a break from work” for instance by going on vacation.
  970. vợ chồng [noun] This Vietnamese word is formed by combining the term “vợ” (which means “wife”) and “chồng” which means “husband”. As a result this word means “couple” in the sense of “husband and wife”.
  971. tuyển [verb]
  972. nỗ lực [noun]
  973. thắng [verb]
  974. Bắc [proper noun]
  975. sợ [verb] (to be afraid)
  976. hình thành [verb] (to form)
  977. tim [noun] (a heart)
  978. bộ phận [noun] (part)
  979. bảo [verb] (to tell)
  980. nhập [verb]
  981. đổi mới [verb] (to renew, to innovate)
  982. chùa [noun] (pagoda)
  983. cháy [verb] (to burn)
  984. hết sức [adverb] (very)
  985. hành chính [noun]
  986. tuyệt vời [adjective]
  987. phân tích [verb] (to analyze)
  988. cập nhật [verb] (to update)
  989. cặp [noun]
  990. chuyên môn [noun]
  991. bất cứ [adverb]
  992. kia [pronoun] (that)
  993. Hàn Quốc [proper noun]
  994. tương tự [adjective] (similar)
  995. gió [noun] (wind)
  996. cửa hàng [noun] (shop)
  997. trang web [noun] (webpage, website)
  998. sự nghiệp [noun] (a career)
  999. xem xét [verb] (to consider)
  1000. bất kỳ [adjective]
  1001. bất động sản [noun] (real estate)
  1002. hợp lý [adjective]
  1003. khắp [adjective]
  1004. thông thường [adjective] (ordinary, common)
  1005. xung quanh [noun] (around)
  1006. sẵn sàng [adjective] (ready)
  1007. góc [noun] (a corner)
  1008. ca [noun]
  1009. gói [verb] (to pack, to bundle)
  1010. nghĩa [noun]
  1011. xu hướng [noun] (trend)
  1012. chú [noun]
  1013. viên [classifier]
  1014. hạt [noun] (a seed)
  1015. tổ [noun]
  1016. đổi [verb] (to change)
  1017. siêu [prefix] (super-)
  1018. chúc [verb]
  1019. quên [verb] (to forget)
  1020. giám sát [verb] (to supervise, to monitor)
  1021. hành vi [noun]
  1022. mức độ [noun] (level)
  1023. phát huy [verb] (to promote)
  1024. nghìn [numeral] (thousand)
  1025. trăm [numeral] (hundred)
  1026. nhà đầu tư [noun] (an investor)
  1027. quân [noun] (army)
  1028. phép [noun] (permission)
  1029. bảo đảm [verb] (to guarante, to ensure)
  1030. tiếp cận [verb] (to approach)
  1031. lương [noun] (salary, wage)
  1032. trải [verb] (to spread)