French names that start with 'F'

‘F’ is the first letter of the word “France” — and ‘F’ is also the initial of many elegant French names.

French girl names that start with f

A floral theme appears in several French names that begin with the letter ‘F’.

Florence, Floriane, and Florine are girl names related to “florens”, a Latin term meaning “blooming” or “flowering”. Next, comes Flore, a name derived from “floris” (a form of the Latin word for “flower”). And, of course, Fleur, the French word for “flower” is also used as a name.

The theme of France itself is apparent in several other French girl names that begin with the letter ‘F’.

For instance, Françoise is an elegant name that can be traced back to “Francus”, a Latin word that refers to the French (and the Franks). France —a female name directly borrowed from the country’s name— isn't widely used, possibly due to its potential for confusion; but it is the origin of more frequently-used names like Francine.

French boy’s names that start with f

French last names that start with f

Among French last names that start with ‘f’, “Ferry” is widely recognized in France as the name of a 19th-century statesman, Jules Ferry who is famous for implementing the education reforms that established free, secular, and mandatory primary education in France. Many French cities have named streets and schools after him.

Another common French surname starting with this letter is “Faure”, which many in France recognize as the last name of Félix Faure who was president of France at the end of the 19th century. In Paris, an avenue and a metro station are named after him.

The surname Faure also exists in a different variation, spelled as “Fauré” with an accent on the 'e'. This form of the name is also well-known in France due to Gabriel Fauré, a late 19th and early 20th-century composer.