French names that start with the letter 'A'

There are plenty of beautiful French girl names that start with the letter ‘a’, for example: Amandine, Aurélie, Ariane, and Adèle.

French boy names that start with the letter ‘a’ can be quite charming and elegant as well. Some examples are Antoine, Arnaud, and Alain.

French girl names that start with a

French boy names that start with a

The importance of the letter ‘a’ in French and other languages

The letter ‘a’ is very special. And not just because it is the first letter of the alphabet. It is special because of the sound that it represents.

The letter 'a' represents a very simple and easy sound to make. You don't need to move your tongue, lips, or teeth in complex ways to say it. That's why 'a' is often the first vowel sound that babies learn to say.

The first words that French children learn contain the letter ‘a’: “maman” (mommy) and “papa” (daddy).

Linguist Roman Jakobson explored why many unrelated languages have terms similar to “mama” and “papa”. Jakobson proposed that these terms weren't inherited from an ancient human language, as commonly believed, but were rather independently reinvented by each child as they embarked on their journey of exploring phonetic possibilities.

The 'a' sound has a central role in other scripts as well. In the Devanagari script used for Sanskrit, Hindi, and Nepali, 'a' is the default vowel. Each consonant inherently represents a syllable with the 'a' sound. Additional marks can be added to the character to change the default vowel from ‘a’ to another vowel like ‘o’, ‘u’, and so on.

Many deep French vocabulary words start with the letter ‘a’. For instance, the French word for “love” is “amour” which starts with the letter ‘a’, and so does the French word for “soul” which is “âme”.

In the same way, names that start with the letter ‘a’ have a fundamental phonetic quality to them.

French last names that start with a