Finnish Girl Names: An Inspiring Guide

Whether you're looking for a uniquely beautiful name for your little one or simply want to learn more about Nordic names, one thing's for sure: there's a beautiful Finnish girl name out there just waiting to inspire you!

Finnish is a famously complex language. While most European languages share many similarities across vocabulary and grammar, the Finnish language stands apart from practically all of them. That's right: this Nordic language is truly one of a kind.

Many popular Finnish girl names are just as distinctive as the local language. Others, by contrast, will sound more familiar. That's because many common Finnish female names derive from Christian, Greek, Roman and Germanic traditions.

This article will introduce you to some of the most popular Finnish girl names and the meaning behind them. We will also list some older, more traditional Finnish female names and look at beautiful Finnish girl names inspired by nature. Let's dive in!

Popular Finnish Girl Names

Finnish girl names rise and fall in popularity, running through approximately 100-year cycles. In other words, many traditional Finnish girl names that were last in vogue a century ago are now once again having a moment.

If you want to find all the most popular Finnish girl names neatly listed in one place, get your hands on an almanac! The most common Finnish female names all have their own name days which are listed in the official Finnish almanac. To keep the names relevant, the almanac is updated every five years.


The name Aino is a good example of an old Finnish girl name which has gained new popularity in recent years.

The name is prominently featured in Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, which was first published in 1849. Aino was also the first name with full Finnish origins to appear in the Finnish almanac.


Many popular girl names used in Finland (Emma, Ellen and Ella to name just a few) begin with the letter 'E'. The name Eevi is currently the most popular of them all.

The name Eevi is a uniquely Finnish take on the name Eeva which is the Finnish equivalent of the name Eve. In keeping with the names' biblical roots, both Eevi and Eeva celebrate their name day on Christmas Eve.


The name Lilja is one of many Finnish female names that are related to nature, « lilja » being the Finnish word for « lily ».

This is an old Finnish girl name which has been in use since the 1800s. For the past decade or so, this traditional Finnish female name has been enjoying a real surge in popularity.


Helmi is a beautiful Finnish girl name with an equally beautiful meaning: « helmi » is the Finnish word for « pearl ».

It is a very traditional Finnish girls name dating back to the 1850s. In recent years, the name Helmi has been enjoying a new lease of life, ranking as one of the most popular Finnish girl names for several years running.


Aada has been an increasingly popular Finnish girl name since the early 2000s. The name has Biblical origins and in Hebrew, the word « ada » means « adornment ».

The Finnish name Aada can also be considered as a more streamlined take on Germanic names like Adalberta and Adelheid where the prefix ada means nobility.


The Finnish name Venla can be traced back to Swedish names Vendla and Vendela.

This pretty Finnish girl name has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent times. While it was still a relatively rare name in the 1990s, during the past two decades, Venla has consistently been one of the top 10 most popular girl names in Finland.

Traditional Finnish Girl Names

These days, many of the most popular Finnish girl names are inspired by international trends rather than local traditions. Names like Olivia, Sofia and Emma are just as popular in Finland as they are in other parts of Europe and the US.

If you are looking for a name that is distinctly Finnish, it is best to look back in time and explore some of the more traditional Finnish girl names.

Here is a list of some classic Finnish girl names:


Aune is an old Finnish girl name which was particularly popular in the beginning of the 20th century but less so in recent times.

This name is a Finnish interpretation of the name Agnes which has its roots in the Greek word agnós, meaning « pure » or « holy ».


Hilkka is a very traditional Finnish girl name which means « bonnet ». Thanks to the popularity of Little Red Riding Hood (Pieni Punahilkka in Finnish) by the Brothers Grimm, Hilkka became a popular Finnish female name starting in the 1800s.

Until the 1960s, Hilkka was a very typical Finnish female name but has since fallen out of favor.


The name Tyyne carries a beautiful connotation. The name has its roots in the Finnish word tyyni which means calm or serene and is typically used to describe a calm body of water.

This classic Finnish girl name was one of the most popular names given to girls in the beginning of the 20th century but is currently not a very common name.


Vieno is another beautiful Finnish girl name with a long history behind it. The name first became popular in the late 1800s when it was fashionable to give your child a name describing desirable qualities.

The Finnish word « vieno » means « calm », « soft » and « quiet ».


The name Lempi is an ancient Finnish girl name with a very long history, having been in use since before Christianity was introduced in Finland. Sadly, this unique Finnish female name has become relatively rare.

The name has a beautiful meaning, « lempi » being an old-fashioned Finnish word for « love ».

Beautiful Finnish Girl Names

Though notoriously difficult, Finnish is also a very beautiful language full of unique tones and nuances. It is not surprising then that the language has inspired some stunningly beautiful names.

Many of the prettiest Finnish female names not only sound beautiful phonetically but also carry a beautiful meaning. Here you will find some beautiful Finnish girl names and the meaning behind each name.


Taika is the perfect name to give to your little miracle, as this beautiful Finnish girl name literally means « magic ».

This is a modern Finnish female name which has only been in use for the past few decades. The name has quickly gained popularity and was added to the Finnish almanac in 2015.


The name Rauha is the perfect example of a traditional Finnish girl name that carries a beautiful meaning: « rauha » means « peace » in Finnish.

During the first few decades of the 20th century, Rauha was a very popular girl name in Finland, but since the 1950s, its popularity dropped drastically. Nowadays, the name seems to be back in style again.


Säde is a pretty, if not a bit unusual Finnish girl name which means « ray », as in "a ray of light".

The Finnish umlaut (Ä) is an important part of this name, as leaving out the umlaut would change the meaning completely: « sade » means « rain » in Finnish.


Aava is another modern Finnish girl name with a beautiful meaning attached to it. Though the name was already in use in the early 1900s, it didn't become popular until the new millennium.

The name Aava refers to the Finnish expression "aava meri" which means « the open sea ».


Heljä is a unique Finnish girl name, though it can be traced back to the Greek name Helena which means « shining light ».

It also resembles the Finnish name Helinä which means a delicate jingling or tinkling sound.

Heljä was a popular Finnish girl name in the 1940s and 50s but has since become increasingly rare.

Finnish Girl Names Related to Nature

From the elusive aurora borealis to endless stretches of pure white snow, the wonders of Finnish nature are truly mesmerizing. It only makes sense then that many parents turn to nature for inspiration when looking for the perfect name for their newborn.

Here is a list of some of the Finnish girl names that are related to nature.


If you are looking for a beautiful Finnish girl name that captures the country's natural beauty, Lumi might just be the perfect name!

« Lumi » means « snow » in Finnish. The name has been in use for more than a century, but it didn't become a common Finnish girl name until the early 2000s.


After a long, harsh winter, it feels nothing short of a miracle to see the Finnish countryside blossom into summer. The name Suvi captures the beauty of the green season perfectly, as « suvi » is an old Finnish word for « summer ».

Suvi was a very common Finnish girl name in the 1980s but since then it has become less popular.


The name Vuokko is a good example of a classic Finnish female name that's directly related to nature.

In Finnish, « vuokko » is the word for « anemone », a type of flower traditionally thought to signal the beginning of spring in Finland. The name was particularly popular in the 1940s and 50s.


The name Meri is a relatively common Finnish girl name with a lovely meaning.

Meri is the Finnish word for « sea ». Phonetically, the name is similar to the English name Mary. This was quite a popular Finnish female name in the 1980s but has since become less common.


Tuuli is another Finnish girl name related to nature that was very popular in the 1980s but has become less common in recent years. The name means « wind » in Finnish.

The name's doubled vowels are a distinctly Finnish feature. Leaving out one of the U's would change the meaning completely as « tuli » means « fire » in Finnish.

Rare Finnish Girl Names

Many popular Finnish girl names are popular the world over. Year after year, classic names like Maria and Anna continue to be widely used in Finland. But there are also some names you'll only find in Finland - and some names that are truly unique even on Finnish standards.

Here is a list of some of the most unusual Finnish girl names:


It's actually quite surprising that the name Talvi has not become more popular. While the name Lumi (meaning “snow”) is a very popular Finnish girl name, there are less than 100 people with the name Talvi (meaning “winter”) in Finland. That makes this name a great, unique choice for parents who really love winter!


Sievä is a pretty Finnish girl name - literally: « sievä » means « pretty » in Finnish. While this name was somewhat common back in the early 1900s, since 2000, less than 30 babies have been given this unusual Finnish girl name.


The name Pieta is a unique take on the far more common name Beata which can be traced back to the Latin word « beatus » meaning « happy », « fortunate » or « blessed ».

This rare Finnish girl name has been in use since the 1800s, mostly in Northern Finland, but has never become hugely popular.


The name Eloisa is lovely on two levels. Phonetically, this unique Finnish girl name resembles the beautiful English name Eloise. It also has a pleasant meaning, as « eloisa » means « lively » in Finnish.

Despite these positive attributes, this is a very rare Finnish girl name: there are only around 100 people called Eloisa in Finland.


We hope you've enjoyed this guide to some of the most popular and beautiful Finnish girl names. Of course, what is popular now might in a few short years seem old-fashioned. Meanwhile, some classic Finnish female names manage to stay relevant throughout the decades.

These days, many Finnish parents choose to name their kids based on international trends. If you're visiting Finland, you are guaranteed to come across more than a few Olivias, Emmas and Sofias! It also follows that names that include the Finnish umlauts Ä and Ö have become less popular.

While global trends certainly have a big influence, a lot of Finnish parents are interested in giving their baby a unique name. Often, they turn to nature or old Finnish girl names for inspiration. This means traditional Finnish female names - the kind you won't encounter anywhere else in the world - are also doing just fine.

Hopefully, this article has given you some new insight into Finnish names and the local culture in general. Perhaps you've even discovered a new favorite name! Most of all, we hope we've left you feeling inspired.